1 in 4 Women Have Struggled to Purchase Period Products in the Past Year Due to Lack of Income.

Alliance for Period Supplies is a new national organization that helps ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products required to participate fully in daily life.
With your support, and that of our founding sponsor U by Kotex®, we are improving lives.

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Too many individuals living in poverty are unable to access the basic products required to manage their menstrual health.

There is a simple solution...join with the Alliance for Period Supplies, our Allied Programs, and our founding sponsor U by Kotex®, and help get period products to individuals in need.

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Together We Can Improve Lives!

Alliance for Period Supplies invites you to learn more about "period poverty" and join efforts throughout the country to fix it. 

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Period Supplies Matter


Period supplies allow me to be present. I'm a full-time student and I work a part-time job. Still I struggle to pay my bills and buy things many people take for granted...things like laundry detergent and even feminine hygiene products. Receiving a supply of menstrual pads makes a big difference in my life, physically and emotionally.


College Student


I love that the Alliance for Period Supplies is an inclusive organization that helps all people who menstruate. As a proud member of the LGBTQIA community, it's important to me to help all individuals who struggle with basic needs. 


Business Leader


The pads I received because of the Alliance for Period Supplies helped me be able to go to work and provide for my two children.


Sales Associate, Retail Store

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