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  • A four-woman effort graduates to a community-wide one

    Not a lot of high school juniors have succession plans. But Dana Clark, Ryann Mescher, Claire Parker and Zoe Waller do. The founders of the Femme Aid Collaborative collect and distribute period supplies in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. The foursome has been working on an Ambassadors Program to recruit more leaders to the organization. That’s because it takes a board base of volunteers to sustain any nonprofit and because this particular nonprofit’s founding leaders will be off to college soon.

  • Demetra Presley finds inspiration in her volunteers

    Demetra Presley’s parents were committed to her getting a great education and a great job – missing school or work over something small wasn’t an option. But, when she saw a Facebook video about a teacher making period supply packets for students, she couldn’t get that out of her mind. Small things matter. “We have students who are missing out … just because they don’t have access to basic period supplies,” she said.

  • Combatting #periodpoverty and learning along the way

    Helping Women Period started after two friends, Lysne Tait and Amy Stephenson, read an article about #periodpoverty in the Huffington Post. Discovering this need was the first of many surprises.

  • Ending #periodpoverty Is beautiful

    How do you go from being an esthetician with her own makeup line to someone who talks constantly about dirty laundry, unshampooed hair and – most of all - #periodpoverty?

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