Advocacy & Legislation

Understanding the Issues of Period Poverty
Fostering Change

The Alliance for Period Supplies works to ensure that all have access to the menstrual supplies they need. 

A core mission of Alliance for Period Supplies is to raise awareness of “period poverty,” the struggle to obtain the period supplies you need due to lack of income. In fact, 1 in 4 women experienced period poverty within the past year. 

We also encourage and support individuals and groups who choose to advocate and lobby for changes in local, state, and national laws and policies that address period poverty, including the elimination of the tampon tax. 

Alliance for Period Supplies supports  lobbying of elected officials in support of laws to ensure all individuals have the essential period supplies necessary to fully participate in daily life.  

The following are legislative priorities for APS:

  • Providing period supplies at homeless shelters and domestic victim shelters, particularly state and locally supported centers
  • Providing period supplies in all emergency shelters
  • Providing period supplies in prisons and detention centers
  • Providing period supplies in the restrooms of public schools and all governmental buildings.
  • Exempting period supplies from state sales tax.