You can help make a difference!

Join the Alliance for Period Supplies and our Allied Programs to help get needed period products to individuals in need.
Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways you can help #EndPeriodPoverty locally, regionally and nationally. 

Here are a few ideas. 

  • Host a period supply drive & #AddPads

    A period supply drive is a great community service project for your school, business, civic group, neighborhood or faith-based organization. Every package of period products that you collect and every dollar you raise will impact individuals who struggle to access the supplies they need. 

  • Volunteer at a local period supply program

    Alliance for Period Supplies Allied Programs need more than period products. They need the community to invest time, skills, experience, education and people power. You can contact a local period supply program to learn how you can get involved. Find a program near you.

  • Become an advocate to end period poverty

    The Alliance for Period Supplies provides tools for community advocacy. You can raise awareness about period poverty in your town, work to affect change on a state level, and improve conditions for many individuals who struggle to purchase period products due to lack of income.

  • Use social media to raise awareness

    Help spread the word by advocating online. Post your support for the Alliance for Period Supplies on social media platforms using the hashtag #EndPeriodPoverty and #AddPads.

  • Shop for the cause

    Throughout they year, select retail partners are teaming up with U by Kotex and the Alliance for Period Supplies to donate period products to those in need. During retail partnerships, your purchase of U by Kotex product will generate a donation to the Alliance for Period Supplies and our Allied Programs. This means more help for more individuals struggling to meet this basic need. 

  • Start a social campaign

    Start a virtual period product drive or enlist your family, friends and colleagues in a social fundraising drive to benefit the Alliance for Period Supplies and our work to help individuals in need. Set a goal and start fundraising!

Resource Materials

We invite you to download and use materials created by the Alliance for Period Supplies, but please remember to credit our organization and help us continue to expand our reach. 

  • See How to Host a Period Supply Drive

    Get the full toolkit and get started! 

Policy & Legislation

A core mission of the Alliance for Period Supplies is to raise awareness of the lack of access to period supplies facing individuals in need. In fact, 1 in 4 women struggled to purchase period supplies within the past year due to lack of income. 

We also are empowering people to advocate for changes in law and policy to address period poverty and the tampon tax at the local, state, and national level. Individuals and not-for-profit organizations (like Alliance for Period Supplies Allied Programs) can lobby their elected officials to ask for laws that help ensure all individuals have the essential period supplies necessary to fully participate in daily life.  

Stay informed.

If you want to stay updated on our advocacy efforts and legislative actions, click the link below to sign up for our advocacy & policy updates.